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Leisure home insurance quotation

Thank you for choosing us for an insurance quotation.

In order to provide you with a quotation, we need to take some details from you. This information will be about yourself, the property you would like to insure and anyone else that should be insured at the same time.

We will only use this information to provide you with an insurance quotation. Where you have given us the details, we will contact you by telephone, SMS text, postal letter and email to discuss your quotation.

You can read our full privacy policy here. This explains what information we ask for and how it will be used. It also explains how you can remove your consent for this to be used.

If you would prefer to speak to us directly about your quotation, we can be called on 01480 402 460, Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturday, 8am – 12pm.

Please note, we can only provide insurance to UK residents (excluding Northern Ireland).

Who is this policy for?

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Please confirm that neither you or any other proposer are employed in any of the following occupations:
  • Casual worker
  • Circus proprietor
  • Circus worker
  • Dealer
  • Dealer – scrap/Waste
  • Fairground worker
  • General dealers
  • General worker
  • Hawker
  • Itinerant – labourer
  • Itinerant – trader
  • Market traders
  • Metal dealer
  • Musicians
  • Professional entertainers
  • Professional sportsmen
  • Scrap dealer
  • Showman
  • Street trader
  • Students
  • Travelling showman

  • Please confirm that the above statements are true. (You must agree to the terms.)

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